Much of my artwork is created in relation to something that already exists in the world. Realizing how important references are to my art practice, I keep an ongoing collection of images to refer to. More often than not my artwork falls loosely into one of three categories:

1) Document - Encountering a referent that, to me, is already complete and resolved in its connotations, I create a serial record of it
2) Re-creation - If a referent has creative potential but it feels incomplete to me in its current state, I use it as a jumping-off point to recontextualize it into a new artwork
3) Invention - Though I may draw inspiration from a particular referent, for certain projects my vision for its potential is far enough removed from any source that the final artwork becomes unique in its appearance and intent

To a greater or lesser extent, the images within this ever-growing collection have either played a role in the direction of previous projects or have the potential to do so in the future. Here is a small sampling of a few images from the thousands I've collected over the years.